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Bicycle Patrol

There are areas where vehicles are prohibited, access is restricted or the use of automobiles is not practical. In these instances, security presence would be limited to foot or bicycle patrols. Our Bicycle Patrol Officers receive specialized training in the proper...

Tips for hiring mobile patrolling service providing companies

Protecting a particular property has become essential in the 21st century. Every major business or society uses every possible method to secure themselves from any miss happenings, which can happen due to the sheer negligence of individuals. Burglary, attacks, and...

5 Compelling Reasons Why Private Security Companies Should Be Hired

Everybody wants to make their workplaces safe and secure nowadays. Because of this, every business owner realizes the importance of having top-notch security so that their consumers and employees are highly satisfied. When a particular company thinks about hiring the...

4 Important aspects or factors to keep in mind for hiring a personal security guard

Security is an essential aspect of any business. A particular establishment or company wants to protect its assets as well as employees from any disaster. Hiring a security guard who can keep with a lookout on every aspect like the individuals coming and going through...

Personal bodyguards – A necessity in today’s world of uncertainty

Personal security guards or bodyguards can help in protecting an individual or his or her assets from any damage. They are responsible for keeping their clients safe from any impending danger like theft or murder. Any individual, whether famous or not, can hire...

Executive Protection

Our Approach to Executive Protection Nation Security takes executive protection to the next level through our professionally trained security experts. Since executives are unique people with specialized needs, each one tends to have distinct assignments. At Nation...


Shoplifting, theft, and other losses are serious issues that present financial problems for corporations on various levels. It does not only affect the company’s bottom line. It also can put the organization or outlet entirely out of business if it is not attended to promptly. Most stores tend to be busy and overwhelmed with customers when there are holidays or other seasons, as employees are always keeping up with the demands of the customers. Therefore they tend to leave so many things unnoticed. This is why an effective loss prevention security strategy needs to be in place.

Nation Security officials take loss prevention very seriously. Our experienced officials understand the effect that losses can have on your bottom line, and they know how to prevent those losses from occurring. We provide services ranging from loss prevention officer implementation to complete access control. We work with you to analyze your security needs, plan, and develop security strategies to ensure that your business can be adequately protected. This saves you time and money.


Nation Security provides loss prevention services that help maximize profit and minimize preventable losses of inventory and other assets. Our services span across:

  • Retail Loss Prevention: we prevent shrinkage in your inventory from occurring that could result in loss of money. Our security officials perform risk analysis on your business with outstanding modern methodologies. We determine which loss prevention policy is best for your business, and we use this policy to prevent losses and reduce shrinkage.
  • Workplace Loss Prevention: it has been found that internal threats, such as employee theft and negligence, pose more significant threats to the business than external theft. Fortunately for you, Nation Security officials are highly experienced in dealing with internal loss prevention. Our security officers are trained to observe every employee and watch out for suspicious activities. Also, we always put it upon ourselves to enlighten employees on the dangers of losses and the necessity for loss prevention. This is an excellent step to deterring internal theft.


At Nation Security, our loss prevention approach is customized to meet your unique requirements. Our services are comprehensive and well-integrated to meet the needs of a wide range of clients. We incorporate statistical analysis into our program. This enables us to identify root causes and trends of how losses have been occurring, and adequate customize predicative loss indicators. We supply your business with qualified, professionally trained loss prevention experts to guarantee you reliable results.

Our loss prevention services include but are not limited to:

  • Performing risk analysis to determine the best loss prevention approach for your business
  • Regulatory compliance and quality assurance evaluation
  • Internal and franchise investigation
  • Floor surveillance to deter theft and shoplifting
  • Random security inspections on employees
  • An investigation into mystery shoppers and other field-based information
  • Apprehension and arrest of offenders

At Nation security, we pride ourselves on having qualified security officials that have been intensely screened to ensure that your business receives the best Loss Prevention services. Contact us today, and we will be looking forward to working with you.