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Bicycle Patrol

There are areas where vehicles are prohibited, access is restricted or the use of automobiles is not practical. In these instances, security presence would be limited to foot or bicycle patrols. Our Bicycle Patrol Officers receive specialized training in the proper...

Tips for hiring mobile patrolling service providing companies

Protecting a particular property has become essential in the 21st century. Every major business or society uses every possible method to secure themselves from any miss happenings, which can happen due to the sheer negligence of individuals. Burglary, attacks, and...

5 Compelling Reasons Why Private Security Companies Should Be Hired

Everybody wants to make their workplaces safe and secure nowadays. Because of this, every business owner realizes the importance of having top-notch security so that their consumers and employees are highly satisfied. When a particular company thinks about hiring the...

4 Important aspects or factors to keep in mind for hiring a personal security guard

Security is an essential aspect of any business. A particular establishment or company wants to protect its assets as well as employees from any disaster. Hiring a security guard who can keep with a lookout on every aspect like the individuals coming and going through...

Personal bodyguards – A necessity in today’s world of uncertainty

Personal security guards or bodyguards can help in protecting an individual or his or her assets from any damage. They are responsible for keeping their clients safe from any impending danger like theft or murder. Any individual, whether famous or not, can hire...

Executive Protection

Our Approach to Executive Protection Nation Security takes executive protection to the next level through our professionally trained security experts. Since executives are unique people with specialized needs, each one tends to have distinct assignments. At Nation...

Port Security Services

According to Marine Insight, 2019, “port security is vital because marine transport is a very thriving and extensively used form of conveyance.” As a result of the extensive use of ports and a large amount of area they take up, they are always swamped and thus still susceptible to various unlawful activities. These activities include pilfering, illegal smuggling, and sometimes terrorism. Nation security offers the best port security services. Nation Security provides well trained and experienced security officers for the maritime industry.

We provide excellent security services that include top-notch risk assessments, threats management, and a wide range of other services to ensure port administrators, staff, passengers, cargos, and cargo containers are safe and secure. Cargo containers transiting ports are susceptible to be used in illegal smuggling of arsenals and dangerous ammunitions. We prevent these illegal activities by adequately inspecting every cargo and cargo containers to ensure that unlawful smugglings do not occur. The theft of goods is also a predominant issue in ports. Our security officers on the ground will dedicate their efforts to monitor, and assist with measures to monitor and protect cargo.

Regarding cruising vessels, our security officers provide proper screening of passengers before boarding on cruise ships continuously aware of stowaways and contraband of goods. They assess every non-living and living cargo getting on board to ensure none poses a potential threat.

Fuel has been known to be one of the most extensively transported goods through ports. The occurrence of any slight act of tampering may lead to oil spillage or fire, both catastrophic events. Fires in vessels can subsequently lead to their destruction, and in some cases, horrible loss of life. Nation Security offers trained security personnel for the safety of vessels, cargo, and the lives of employees and passengers.

Nation Security Maritime officers aim to maximize the potential of the safety of assets and life in the port surroundings. We try our best to ensure this by continually employing the following methods:

  • Proper inspection and monitoring of cargos
  • Risk assessments and constant patrols
  • Adequately addressing every potential threat
  • Pre-boarding screening of passengers
  • Adept response to threats and emergencies

We offer your port our unmatched port security services as following:

  • All-round Security of the port environment
  • Protection of resources
  • Prevention of pilfering
  • Security of lives 
  • Prevention of illegal smuggling 

Our skilled security officials have been specially trained to face threats and mitigate the security threats of ports promptly. With our security officers, we aim our efforts to the safety of your port, port administrators, passengers, and transporters of cargo. Travelers and cargo must reach their destinations as expected in a timely manner; our security officers can assist in that assurance. Contact us today at Nation security and let us work with you in assisting with the security of your port.